fishfinger and pea wraps

“No recipe required for this one. Here’s a few short instructions on how to make a delicious and easy fishfinger wrap using garden peas with perks. The popping peas with perks contain hidden veg – split green peas, fava beans, spinach & onion in a smooth and yummy blend. Great for kids and adults alike. Moreish and oh so comforting!”

SERVES: 1-4 (Use 1/4 pot and 3 fishfingers per wrap)

Cook the fishfingers as per instructions.  Heat the popping peas with perks as per instructions. Warm soft flour tortillas then spread with tartare sauce. Top with popping peas with perks. Break up the fishfingers and pile on top. Add a squeeze of lemon and some pea shoots if desired. Fold and devour!


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