minestrone soup

VEGAN “This soup is super tasty! It’s so easy to make. I use aromatic peas with perks as a base. You just add a load of other veg and let it slowly simmer away while you get on with something else. Add whatever vegetables you like and use frozen veg to make it even speedier.Continue reading “minestrone soup”

carlin pea & kale fritters

VEGETARIAN “These easy fritters make delicious little snacks, great for lunch or part of a sharing platter. Serve with yoghurt for dipping, a crunchy side salad and some spicy chutney.” SERVES: 4   PREP TIME: 10 MINS   COOKING TIME: 15 MINS Ingredients pot of aromatic peas with perks 1 dessertspoon curry paste 2 eggs, beaten 100g wholemeal flour 100g kale,Continue reading “carlin pea & kale fritters”

aubergine, carlin pea & tomato curry

VEGAN “Aubergines are amazing in a curry. They soak up flavours beautifully and have a great texture; firm yet yielding. The sauce in this curry is absolutely delicious. It’s rich despite being really healthy and has great depth of flavour.” SERVES: 4   PREP TIME: 5 MINS   COOKING TIME: 1 HOUR Ingredients pot of aromatic peas with perks 1 tblspContinue reading “aubergine, carlin pea & tomato curry”

carlin pea, sweet potato & carrot falafel

VEGAN “These yummy falafel are easy to make and taste sublime with the zingy lime, tahini and chilli slaw. Here I’ve served them on warm flatbreads spread with humous. You could stuff them into pitta bread or just dip them directly into some chilli sauce as a snack” SERVES: 4   PREP TIME: 10 MINS   COOKINGContinue reading “carlin pea, sweet potato & carrot falafel”

carlin pea, sweet potato & cauliflower curry

VEGAN “Imagine coming home to this super healthy and delicious curry that took minutes to prepare! It’s made in a slow-cooker, really easy to prepare and utterly divine. If you don’t have a slow-cooker then just cook in a casserole pan for 50 mins until the veg are tender.” SERVES: 4   PREP TIME: 10 MINS  Continue reading “carlin pea, sweet potato & cauliflower curry”

butternut squash & carlin pea soup

VEGAN “I love roasted squash soup but when you add a pot of aromatic peas with perks it adds extra layers of flavour, texture and protein. The peas have a distinctive nutty flavour and combine beautifully with the sweetness of the squash. I’ve topped the soup with fried cavolo nero and my new favourite ingredientContinue reading “butternut squash & carlin pea soup”

spicy carlin pea & sweet potato burgers

VEGAN “These burgers require little preparation and are a real treat to eat! Spicy, filling and flavoursome. Just add your favourite toppings and enjoy. If you want to make these burgers gluten free check out Novo Farina. They have some brilliant products including crumbs made from pea flour which can be used as a breadcrumbContinue reading “spicy carlin pea & sweet potato burgers”